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How Must You Wear Your Men's Wrist Bracelet To Look Attractive?

Accessories have been considered as visual cues to your personality. However, many assume that wrist bracelets are not manly. However, if you had a keen interest in history, you might have seen warriors & kings from various cultures wearing armbands on their wrists in photos and sculptures. In fact, men have worn wrist bracelets and armbands for centuries. 

Even ancient men adorned their wrists with bones & shells (in the form of bracelets tied through drawstrings) in order to ward off evil spirits. Wealthy men wore a men's wrist bracelet to showcase their power, money, and status. Over a while, bracelets and wristbands have evolved from good luck charm to status symbol to a contemporary style of accessory for men.  

The concept of men wearing wristbands or bracelets is either normal or remained traditionally unheard of all over the globe. Bracelets can be worn daily, depending on the variety of materials it is composed of, including stainless steel, gold, platinum, silver, leather, copper, brass, beaded ones, etc.

Wristbands and Wrist bracelets are usually dressier and accommodate more formal looks as they are a versatile accessory that exhibits your character and draws out the colors in your gear. In this blog, we will learn about men's beaded bracelets, how to wear bracelets (solo, multiple, or in combination with a wrist watch. 

Men's Beaded Bracelets 

Beaded men's wrist bracelets had to be at the top when listing the most desirable bracelets for men. In this one type of bracelet for men, you can find everything from stone beads, including animals' eye stones, to wooden ones. If it's a high-quality beaded bracelet you're after, look for Crucible Black Lava & Matte Onyx Bead or Crucible Stainless Steel Tiger's Eye Stone beaded bracelets.  

Stone beads come in a myriad of shades, textures, and sizes. However, At Hanger Boutique, we have Black Matte Onyx beads, Black Lava & Matte Onyx, and Tiger's Eye colored beads in our stock as of now. All our wrist bracelets are scratch-resistant and waterproof. Did you know wearing stone beads has something to do with your stars and planets? Yes, you read it right! Some stone beaded bracelets are known as healing bracelets as they have been reported to help enhance confidence to focus.

An example of a natural bead that works great (even look-wise) with men's wristbands or bracelets is lava stone. Lava stone is a volcanic stone admired for its rich black color as well as for the porous texture it has. It has a history that originated deep in the core of the earth and is now encircled around your wrist.

How To Wear A Men's Wrist Bracelet

Instagram, nowadays, is making everything appear easy when it comes to fashion or tips and tricks to follow to stay trendy. The hassle with mimicking what you see on social media is that many men quickly imitate the same style. A kind of caricature of a fashionable guy where, despite your appearance, all anyone can notice is the bracelets you're carrying on your one arm. The simpler the ornament, the better it is. 

Solo: How To Wear A Single Bracelet

One of the most straightforward ways to wear bracelets is to opt for wearing a single bracelet at a time. Wear your men's wrist bracelet on the opposite hand if you prefer wearing a watch, or you can ditch your watch and go with the bracelet only. If you're wearing a watch and a wrist bracelet on the other hand, ensure your watch strap and bracelet aren't too similar in width. Tip: You can pair a thicker watch strap with a thinner bracelet.

Multiple Bracelets: How To Wear Multiple Bracelets in Single Hand

Carrying multiple bracelets on one wrist is the sought-after influencer vibe that most of you secretly wish to imitate. What keeps you from wearing multiple bracelets? It becomes uncomfortable to wear numerous bracelets if you sit in front of the computer all day. It may be cumbersome for you to place your wrist on the keyboard and mouse. 

But if you direly wish to wear multiple men's wrist bracelets, you can make a stack from a mix of color and different materials. You can opt for two beaded bracelets (with lava stone or tiger's eye) with one natural-colored leather/ metal band, offering a well-traveled, carefree, and unique look. 

Bracelet And Watch Combo: How To Wear Bracelet and Watch Simultaneously 

The watch and bracelet combination is about stacking 1-2 bracelets with your watch on the same wrist. Thin bracelets work well with the watch and should sit underneath your watch closer to your wrist – rather than on top of your watch. This combination works fine when you wear a watch & bracelets without too much contrast.

 It would be best to keep an eye on your watch, belt, tie clip, and bracelets so that you can match metals and shades of the metal accordingly. You would never want the supporting cast like your belt, tie clip, etc., messing up your look if your branded watch is the star of the show. A watch with a beefier strap can stand up oversized bracelets, while a more elegant wristwatch might pair well with a thinner bracelet. 

Final Thoughts 

A suitable and well-designed bracelet completes your look. It would be best to recognize the significance of visual weight when styling with different bracelets and not be scared to experiment. At Hanger Boutique, we have a collection of bracelets and the best shades of sunglasses to go with bracelets. What are you waiting for? Shop with us today!